ImagePink Hair Tape

Pinkie saves the day

Lately I have been obsessed with finding pink hair tape. It used to be in all the drugstores back in the 70’s. I have fond memories of being a kid and using scotch tape on my unruly bangs because I had no pink hair tape. We all wanted hair like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, and Mary ann Faithful. Those bangs  had to behave!  So instead of going the easy route: Amazon, I was determined to find the hair tape in a local store. No drug stores carry it anymore but all the clerks  seemed to recall it with fondness. Sigh. Happy memories. To me, being a true shopaholic, the thrill of the hunt is in walking into a store with nothing  and walking out of a store with your treasure in hand. Thus my thrill of finding the pink hair tape at Sally Beauty Supply in Hyannis.

Maybe I am just feeling nostalgic, or maybe it’s my new shorter haircut that has pushed me back in time to rediscover pink hair tape.  Every morning my bangs look like a kitten has slept on them! Oh yeah, one did! My new kitty Willow has taken to sleeping on my head. That combined with my fervent use of an eye mask has wrecked havoc on my new “petite fringe” as the hairdresser in Paris called my bangs once. The best thing about the hair tape (besides the fact that it really works) is that you can also use it in your wrinkles! A sort of $5.00 Botox treatment! Does it work like Botox? Of course not! But I bet if I started using it between my eyes every night when I was 19 years old it would have helped prevent my lines!                                           I had fun putting the tape on my face anyway…especially pulling the eyebrows up, up UP like Mr. Spock! Has my husband seen my hair and face wound up in pink tape yet? Heck no! The secret to a happy marriage is in keeping a little bit of the mystery!