It was an ordinary day on Chicken~Pom~Farm…our cozy home where we have fit more animals, plants, and water features than we all thought possible. Sitting on the deck with our three Pomeranians enjoying a dull moment is a favorite pastime here. UNTIL I heard lots of splashing down in the koi pond!
what could that racked be? I thought. Perhaps one of our larger koi has snapped up a bug? Then I heard a high pitched chirp like cry…it was a strange, sad sound and it definitely got me to bolt up from my chair. What I saw next was so bizzare, so weird, that I couldn’t believe my eyes. There in the pond was Froggy, our small bullfrog with a bird in its mouth! What in the world? Poor Birdie, bad Froggy! I was too late to help. Froggy was ambitiously attempting to swallow this young sparrow but not having any luck. He finally gave up and I was able to fish the bird out of the pond with a rake. The koi were whipped into a frenzy and trying to eat it too. I mistakenly assumed koi were not carnivorous since they do not eat their young like some fish do….but they do eat bugs: protein: so they are carnivores. I guess they are higher up the spiritual ladder than frogs. At least our frog anyway! The birds often come to drink from the pond, in their innocence thinking it was a safe watering hole. But now that we have a killer frog in residence I fear for the winged ones safety!
Nature teaches us harsh lessons. I am imagining the Mother sparrow looking for her fledgling all day. Or worse, maybe they know what happened. Then we have the question of the motives of Froggy. Did he think Birdie was a large dragonfly perhaps? Not knowing he has bit off more than he can chew? Or in this case, swallow whole? One thing I know is that I will never know. Life is a mystery. Nature is nature. Little Birdie isn’t coming back and Froggy is a killer. Yet somehow we all manage to co-exist. Lesson learned on Chicken~Pom~Farm today: Don’t bite off more than you can chew!