It was an ordinary day on Chicken~Pom~Farm…our cozy home where we have fit more animals, plants, and water features than we all thought possible. Sitting on the deck with our three Pomeranians enjoying a dull moment is a favorite pastime here. UNTIL I heard lots of splashing down in the koi pond!
what could that racked be? I thought. Perhaps one of our larger koi has snapped up a bug? Then I heard a high pitched chirp like cry…it was a strange, sad sound and it definitely got me to bolt up from my chair. What I saw next was so bizzare, so weird, that I couldn’t believe my eyes. There in the pond was Froggy, our small bullfrog with a bird in its mouth! What in the world? Poor Birdie, bad Froggy! I was too late to help. Froggy was ambitiously attempting to swallow this young sparrow but not…

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