What is it about de-decorating that I detest so? Is it the fact that now the task at hand has crossed the line from fun and exciting to boring and work? All the anticipation and excitement of Christmas is so magical….I feel like a kid again! Will we hear reindeer on the roof tonight? Will Santa really come? Maybe I should be writing children’s books because these are things I really ponder at Christmas time. I still want to visit Santa’s Village in New Hampshire! But now it’s January and I have no decor events til Valentines 💗Day, and it is too early for that so I am in de- decorate mode and nothing more. Zzzzzz❗️Too boring! Yet unavoidable. Two high notes however are the 1) offer from my wonderful husband to help and 2) the massive containers I splurged on last year to house my treasures.
Breaking down the villages, grown now to cover every inch of shelving in the house, is a daunting task with none of the thrill I felt while setting it up. That’s just the way it goes with holiday decor. Some people I know admit to only hanging one or two wreaths! I can see the relief in that come January, but alas, such spartan decor is not for me. I love looking at my twirling ice skaters on the pond in the village, the couple stealing a kiss under the mistletoe, the church aglow …..and this years inspiration the Cozy Christmas Corner in the family room, complete with tree number 2 and my daughters doll house from 1988 all done up with furniture and Christmas lights! She loved it!
All these happy memories! That is why I detest de-decorating! It reminds me that the party is over.
It’s the same issue I seem to have with unpacking from a trip, putting clean laundry away, emptying the dishwasher. Maybe it’s a disorder! Why do we feel better when we can label something? My former Mother In Law labeled everything and I mean food in the cupboard with dates, everything! My Mom labeled plus kept the receipt or correspondence that came with things like gifts….but that is another blog completely!
So I better think of my plan to start my decor demolition before I decide to go shopping instead. You never know though, I can just imagine the sales everywhere on Christmas decor! Honey, can you build me just one more shelf? I think a new family could be moving into Christmas Village !